Ciptakan Pesta Demokrasi Aman dan Damai, Kodam VI/Mulawarman Menggelar Apel Kesiapan Pengamanan Pemilu 2024

Kodam VI/Mulawarman recently held a readiness exercise for the security of the 2024 elections with the theme “Creating a Safe and Peaceful Democratic Party”. The event was attended by military personnel, police officers, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure the smooth and secure conduct of the upcoming elections.

The importance of maintaining peace and security during elections cannot be overstated. The democratic process relies on the free and fair participation of all citizens, and any disruptions to this process can have serious consequences for the stability of the country. Therefore, it is essential for security forces to be well-prepared and vigilant in ensuring the safety of voters, candidates, and election officials.

During the readiness exercise, participants underwent various scenarios and simulations to test their response to potential security threats. They were trained in crowd control, conflict resolution, and other essential skills to handle any security challenges that may arise during the elections. Additionally, communication and coordination between different security agencies were emphasized to ensure a cohesive and effective response to any incidents.

The Commander of Kodam VI/Mulawarman, Major General Bambang Trisnohadi, stressed the importance of upholding the principles of democracy and the rule of law during the elections. He emphasized the need for security forces to remain neutral and impartial, and to protect the rights of all citizens to participate in the electoral process without fear or intimidation.

Overall, the readiness exercise was a valuable opportunity for security forces to enhance their preparedness for the upcoming elections. By working together and maintaining a strong commitment to upholding peace and security, Kodam VI/Mulawarman and other security agencies are helping to ensure that the 2024 elections will be conducted in a safe and peaceful manner, allowing all Indonesians to exercise their democratic rights freely and fairly.